Berg Rally Pearl BFR Go-Kart


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The BERG Rally Pearl is a real eye-catcher in the neighborhood with the exciting colour combinations and the compact shape! The go-kart has a small turning circle, making the go-kart very agile and manoeuvrable.

The Rally Pearl is equipped with the BFR system. With the BFR system you can drive forward, brakes, but also reverse by simply pedaling forwards and backwards. The Rally is equipped with 4 pneumatic tires with which you can drive around silently and comfortably. Together with the swing axis, this makes the go-kart stable and safe.

Suitable For 4-12 Year Olds
60 kg Max User Weight
Adjustable Seat & Steering Wheel
BFR System – Brake, Forward & Reverse
Fitted With Pneumatic Tyres For Easy Driving