Bruder 1:16 John Deere 6920 with Frontloader


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  • An independent front axle allows off-road application
  • Axle pivot steering
  • True-to-original working front loading gripper detachable
  • Sculptured tyres
  • Detachable front burden with hoisting device
  • Opening engine bonnet
  • Additional steering rod attachable to the steering wheel via the opening sliding roof ensures a comfortable steering from outside
  • To be equipped with many working instruments from Bruder
  • High quality plastics
  • Measures 39 cm x 17 cm x 18 cm
  • The off-road front axle can be steered directly both via the steering wheel in the driver’s cab and via an enclosed steering rod extension which the children can insert onto the steering wheel through the sliding roof in the driver’s cab.

    The fully functioning front loader can be easily clipped on and detached again by removing the front weight.

    The engine bonnet can be opened to reveal the engine block.

    Tread tyres complete the picture.

    All of the numerous trailers and trailed implements of the Profi series can be combined with the John Deere 6920 tractor so that the little “farmers” can re-enact the work on the fields and the production of agricultural produce.

    Suitable for Ages: 3 Years +