Bruder 1:16 MB Arocs Construction Site Truck with Crane


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Power, robustness and efficiency are often crucial on a working day on roads and construction sites. Therefore, the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs was developed especially for these needs. In addition to these technical features, the design has been revised accordingly. For example, the front of the radiator grille is designed in “bucket tooth optics”, whereby the “teeth” stand for biting and grabbing and thereby express the enormous power. In the model, the design was adopted, placed much emphasis on the usual robustness for BRUDER and equipped the cab with opening doors, so that the BRUDER figures can get into it. The vehicle body consists of a tilting loading area with three hinged side walls. Behind the cab is a 360 ° rotatable, fold-out and telescopic loading crane, which can be moved freely by hand and held in any position by locking the locking device. In addition, extendable and lowerable supports are attached to the side of the loading crane to give the vehicle more stability during a loading process. Since a pallet fork with two pallets and a bucket gripper are also included, the game can start immediately.