Bruder 2112 – Claas Nectis 267F + front loader + trailer

detachable and fully functioning front loader detachable front weight Standard front and rear coupling steerable with additional handlebar through the sliding tractor roof steerable and off-road axle Profile tires combined to match supplement with all appliances and trailers of the Profi series



With the introduction of the Nectis series model, BRUDER rounds off its 1:16 model tractor series of the grassland specialist Claas. Of course, this tractor also has the typical BRUDER tractor features and can be combined with all farming front and equipment of the BRUDER range. BRUDER’s small and lightweight moving tipping trailer is, therefore, the perfect match to this tractor as it can be used to realistically imitate its use on farms

Tipping trailer, Item No.: 02019:

fold-out support leg
tiltable platform
3 retractable side panels
off-road tandem axle
Rear hitch