SAFETY 1st Handle Flex Lock


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The Safety 1st handle flex lock is suitable for almost all cabinets and cupboards. As soon as your little explorer is up to discover your house, it is about time to turn it into a child-proof place. Cupboards and cabinets with dangerous contents or important documents need to be secured and protected from your little one. The handle flex lock by Safety 1st comes with a flexible zipper leash which makes it perfect for individually installing it on your cabinets with doorknobs.

A great feature of the handle flex lock is its colour indicator that shows you whether the lock is closed correctly or opened. Mom and dad will be delighted by this easy-to-use lock, because it can be unlocked simply by pressing a button.

    • Contains: 1 piece
    • Suitable for cupboards and cabinets with doorknobs
    • Individual installation thanks to flexible zipper leash
    • Unlocks by pressing a button
    • colour indicator for correct locking