Vtech Safe &Sound Starlight Digital Baby Monitor BM2200

The VTech BM2200 Safe & Sound Baby Monitor is a highly sophisticated model with multiple functions, including a starry light projection, a baby monitor with talkback and an audio player capable of playing soothing lullabies. The projection angle is adjustable so that the light projections can be directed over your baby’s cot: the projector works in 30-minute intervals, long enough for your little one to doze off without wasting energy. Model number: bm2200. A temperature indicator allows you to check up on the temperature in the nursery, as well as the noise- a vibrating alert is activated by sounds such as crying.


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The Vtech Audio monitor provides superior sound quality with the use of DECT technology. The starry light projection will cast the ceiling as a galaxy soothing and comforting your child.

Vtech Audio Baby Monitor & Lightshow Features

Digital transmission providing superior security and sound quality – no annoying white noise

Adjustable starry light projection on ceiling

Two-way talk back to baby through parent unit

Temperature display

5 melodies

Belt chip on parent unit